Solutions and Services

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Solutions and Services

We specialise in translating nutritional knowledge into software elements for health, education and research professionals to solve challenges or help streamline processes. In addition to commercialising our own nutritional software services for professionals, we offer third parties consultancy or tool development solutions (such as calculation algorithms, nutritional assessments, screening tools…) or complete product development.

To do so, we use specialised knowledge in food, nutrition and technologies to suggest the most suitable supports and tools for each need. As a result of our participation in research projects, we have our own complete and updated food databases, which allow us to make more accurate calculations. Databases in which we integrate all types of nutrients, including polyphenols or contaminants, allergen data, images, … Also branded foods, bar codes, nutritional information, allergens, ingredients, … and other information.

Consulting solutions

We offer our clients our knowledge and experience, advising and analysing their projects or ideas to offer them proposals on how to use information technologies to achieve their objectives and facilitate their work. If your nutritional calculations require too much effort or you are not sure how to approach an idea in your research project, contact us. We will advise you and offer proposals to achieve your goal.

Nutritional databases

As a result of years of hard work and research, we have obtained possibly the most complete food database in Spain. Data from validated sources, including information on both unbranded and branded foods, so we cover most of the products available to consumers on the market. More than 700 nutrient fields (including polyphenols and contaminants), as well as information on mandatory allergens. Images or barcodes.

We also have databases from other countries.

These databases allow us to include very accurate and complete calculations in our developments

Tailored software development

In addition to marketing our products, we also develop for third parties, regardless of the size of your project. Whether you need an algorithm, a microservice that solves a need or speeds up a task or a complete product (web, app,…), we can offer you the right solution, using the latest methodologies and the technology that best suits your project. If you need to evaluate an FFQ, implement a screening test, an app to help patients with a certain pathology, nutritional monitoring of athletes, …. do not hesitate to contact us.


Are you doing research and need an app that works with nutritional calculations? Do you manage a restaurant, food company or cooking school and want to calculate the nutritional values of your recipes or menus? Are you a food distributor and want to provide your customers with a personalised nutrition app where they can find all the products available in your establishment? Are you a health professional or health insurance and want your customers to have a nutritional tool with which they can improve their health? Are you in the world of sport and want to monitor the nutrition, supplementation and exercise of your athletes?

All these solutions and many more are in our hands. Years of experience in research and development of complex and advanced personalised nutrition app systems are our guarantee.

Let us enhance your project!

We will advise you and offer proposals to achieve your goal.