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At Gestión de Salud y Nutrición (GSNsoft) we specialise in transferring nutritional knowledge to software elements to offer innovative solutions in the service of health and nutrition, with the aim of helping our clients and streamlining their processes.

In our years of experience we have always taken advantage of technological excellence to design and develop innovative solutions aligned with the needs of our customers, whether they are health professionals, researchers, companies or educational institutions.


i-Diet is a software for the preparation of diets aimed at professionals in the nutritional sector. It is a system in the cloud, accessible by monthly subscription, designed as a tool that simplifies the work of professionals, optimising their time, guaranteeing quality and increasing customer satisfaction.

It has been developed with professionals from the sector, with in-depth knowledge of the needs of daily activity, which has allowed us to adapt to the real requirements of users.

Under an appearance of simplicity and ease of use, we find a technologically advanced product that has the innovative application of Artificial Intelligence in its calculations, the result of a collaboration agreement established with the University of Oviedo and, more specifically, with the Mathematical Modelling Research Group of the E.T.S. de Ingenieros de Minas. More information about

i-Diet Mx

Version for Mexico of the original i-Diet. It works with databases of food and recipes from that country, maintaining the essence of i-Diet. Read more about i-Diet Mx


Stance4Health app

Complete app for real personalised nutritional recommendations aimed at guiding the user towards healthy nutrition patterns, obtaining adherence and empowering the user. We use information from the user, both related to their personal condition and preferences, which is interpreted through the knowledge of the expert system, and treat it in a combined, but distinct, layered way to obtain the most appropriate results. We build the system using a set of microservices, which gives us flexibility, scalability and the possibility of variable levels of adjustment. In this way we can take into account e.g. information on the microbiota or not, which values we want to be more or less restrictive when suggesting menus, enable the user to adjust the menu with real intakes, the system to balance their menu based on their contributions, they can consult the data of the products by scanning, they can see the nutritional information of the recipes they incorporate, connect with an activity bracelet, ….. The possibilities are vast.

It is like a Lego, which, depending on how we combine the pieces, we can build different figures, and which allows us to add or remove pieces from the box and it will always be usable.

Its technical functioning has been scientifically validated and the impact of its use on people’s well-being will be evaluated within the scope of the European project Stance4Health, during the nutritional intervention to be carried out on adults and children.

We are full of interesting and creative ideas!

A committed team with a high capacity for innovation, oriented towards the achievement of our main objective: Excellence, at all levels of our activity, with absolute respect for ethical and deontological rules.

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